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Filtration Plus Inc. of Idaho has been in operation since the spring of 2008, Lynn and Trey Haworth bring a wealth of experience with them to the Great Northwest.


Back in 1988 Lynn and Trey wanted to provide better services for the controlled environment customers and focused specifically on the growing computer industry. They formed a Corporation known as Filtration Plus Southwest, Inc. (“filtration plus a whole lot more!”), which covered a territory that included New Mexico, Northern Mexico and their home state, Arizona. Their customer base included Intel Corporation, Motorola, IBM, Hitachi, ASM America, AMD, Applied Materials, ON Semiconductor, Microchip, National Semiconductor, Honeywell, Hughes Aircraft, Raytheon, Arizona State University, CEI, University of Arizona, Norcimbus, Medtronic, W. L. Gore & Associates, GE, TRW, Ford Motor Company, General Mills, Los Alamos Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, White Sand Missile Range, Kirkland AFB, Holloman AFB, Davis-Monthan AFB, Luke AFB, Mayo Hospital, and many others. Each of these customers required some form of Air Treatment Solutions for their controlled environments. Over the course of time we saw our customer base, mostly high tech companies move some of their manufacturing offshore. The World Wide Web was born in the 1990s. The Web allowed end-users (“manufactures”), the ability to shop online for their filtration and environmental control equipment. This allowed for the direct purchase of packaged products thus eliminating the dealer or distributor. However, our experience and knowledge for engineered systems have kept us in business. We still provide services to customers in the Southwest.




GolfTrey would fly up to the Coeur de Alene in August and play golf and fish with fellow Engineers and Architects. He was taken with the Inland Northwest Territory as it is absolutely beautiful with it abundant resources like water, fresh air, green grass, green trees and large pieces of property. By early 2001, Trey was starting to talk to some of the companies he represented in the Southwest to see if the Northwest territory was open for representation of specialized engineered products. His investigation presented an opportunity: Idaho, Montana, Northern Wyoming and Eastern Washington customers were being represented by Representatives outside the region. Basically, Industrial Manufacturers in Idaho and Montana relied on being serviced by companies residing in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and Denver.

After a family visit that started in Coeur de Alene, Idaho and ended at the Canadian border, the decision to move the family, animals, and business was easy. It was so beautiful, clean and wet. Of course, the winters would be a change from the mild Arizona weather, but the family looked forward to owning a small ranch and continuing the “filtration” business up North. While Trey stays busy with the business in town, the girls work hard on their ranch, Praying Monk Ranch, LLC., to maintain and work the equine training and breeding program they established in 2008. However, everyone pitches in at the office as required as this is a veteran owner, family-run endeavor.



Filtration Plus, Inc. was founded in 2008 in the State of Idaho. Some of the manufacturers that Trey and Lynn represented in the Southwest are still being represented here in the Inland Northwest. Since opening Filtration Plus Inc. in 2008,  they have added some of the best companies in the world known for producing high quality, energy efficient solutions to air quality challenges.

Filtration Plus Inc. works directly with end users designers, and installers. Typically, consulting engineers or an in-house facilities engineer will provide technical requirements for a specific application or project to Filtration Plus Inc. Often, a plant visit for layout and measurement is made and the drawing begins. Filtration Plus Inc. works closely with the end user’s team, the governing agencies’ regulations and the installation team to assure the job is correct from conception to completion. FP Inc. Motto: “Do it right the first time” .

Customers today include ALK, Amalgamated Sugar, American Analytical, Basic American Foods, City of Great Falls, Crookham Company, Bayer Science, Brooklyn Iron Works, Chobani, City Of Spokane, ConAgra Foods, Davisco Foods, Dome Technology, Fish & Wild Life, Glanbia Foods, UTC Goodrich Aerospace, High Desert Milk, Honeywell, Idahoan Foods, Idaho State University, INL, Industrial Ventilation, Jerome Cheese, LA Aluminum, Loveland Products, McCain Foods, Micron Technologies, Power Bar, Potlatch Corporation, Photronics, Pikuni Industries, Power Motive, J.R. Simplot Company, Travis Iron Works, Thorne Research USDA, St Luke Hospital, Big Sky Medical, and others.

Filtration Plus Inc works closely with consulting firms to develop conceptual and detailed designs for their clients. While industrial engineers are responsible for the conceptual aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of a design, the design engineer usually works with a team of engineers and other designers to develop conceptual and detailed HVAC designs. They may work with industrial engineers and manufacture representatives to develop the product concept and specifications, and may direct the design effort. In many engineering areas, a distinction is made between the design engineer and the planning engineer in design; Analysis is important for planning engineers, while synthesis is more paramount for design engineers. Test engineers are also sometimes contrasted from design engineers, as test engineers tend to focus more on the evaluation and analysis of prototypes (rather than their conception). Upon completion of the design comes the installation phase of the project. Typically, Filtration Plus Inc plays an important role in start up, test & balance in the commissioning phase. The commissioning process comprises the integrated application of a set of engineering techniques and procedures to check, inspect and test every operational component of the project, from individual functions, such as instruments and equipment. Commissioning activities, in the broader sense, are applicable to all phases of the project, from the basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and assembly, until the final handover of the project to the owner.

~~~~ To provide high quality, energy efficient solutions to the industrial markets in the Great Inland Northwest is the Filtration Plus Inc. goal.  They will continue to maintain their focus on the customers’ need to raise productivity, manufacture quality products and provide a safe environment for their employees. ~~~~

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